Sunbeds and Tanning in Edgeley

Tanning Salons in Edgeley

Tanning Salons Edgeley, Stockport Image: Edgeley.org

Tanning in Edgeley

For those looking searching for tanning services in Edgeley there are a number if options available. Castle Street, Edgeley has two dedicated Tanning Salons, Salon Sun and Heat, as well as sunbeds located in a number of other local businesses, such as hairdressers and beauty rooms. In addition to these options, there is other Sunbed Shops located close by to Edgeley such as on Wellington Rd and in Davenport. If your a looking for a more private solution consider hiring a Sunbed at home using a business that provides these services.

Edgeley Sunbed Shops

Salon Sun

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Hair And Beauty Lounge Stockport

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Map of Sunbed Locations in Edgeley, Stockport Credit: Google Maps

Sunbed Home Hire and Rental in Edgeley

Fancy a sunbed in your own home or garage rather than needing to travel to a public salon? There are a number of local businesses that offer short term Home Hire Sunbeds and Rentals in Edgeley, Stockport 

Coco Sunbeds

Peak Sunbeds

Remember to always follow the Tanning Guidelines

It’s also important to keep in mind that frequent use of tanning salons and sunbeds can increase the risk of skin cancer, and it’s always recommended to protect your skin with sunscreen and limit the use of UV tanning.

According to the guidelines provided by The Sunbed Association (TSA), the use of sunbeds and tanning salons in the UK should be strictly regulated. The TSA recommends that individuals under the age of 18 should not use sunbeds and that sunbeds should not be used more frequently than once a week. The association also advises that individuals should always wear protective eyewear when using sunbeds and that sunbeds should be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that they are functioning properly. Additionally, the TSA recommends that individuals should always conduct a patch test before using a sunbed for the first time and that individuals should always follow the recommended exposure times provided by the salon or sunbed manufacturer.